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I am running a GeForce GTX 460 graphics card, to play videos on my htpc. As of a couple of days ago, I can no longer make adjustments to the video parameters using the card. I have tried all my players (PowerDVD11, VLC, and mpchc, using both dvds and blu rays). It had been working perfectly until two days ago. I have dropped down every menu I can see with no luck. Re booted the pc, etc. I can still adjust the desktop, and I can still change resolution on the graphics card output, but no video adjustment. Any ideas?
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  1. Well, I at least figured out the cause of this problem. I had been running two displays from my htpc, one being my projector and the second being and lcd display. In desperation, I went back to one display (the projector) and everything worked again. The clue that lead me there was when I noticed that the windows display function from Control Panel had reversed the display numbers that the Nvidia control panel was using. No wonder the Nvidia software for video control was confused!

    So, the workaround is to go to one display when I want to play a movie, cumbersome, but effective.

    Does anyone have a simpler, more elegant solution? I really would like to keep both displays. It allows me to have the controls for mph hc player and the Nvidia control panel on the lcd screen available real time, while the movie is playing on the projector.
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