Dead pc

i have gigabyte mb,don't know model.
amd socket3,4gig ram,win 7.
pc shut down and will do nothing.put in new ps and still don't turn ,nothing.tried another power switch out of another pc.still nothing. any more info needed i will try to answer.this home made and was working fine.
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  1. I would test the power switch first. If that tests good then test the PSU outside of the pc. Use an old drive as a load. Just a power cable connected, not data.

    Once you have a know good PSU then the problem has to be inside the pc...
  2. thanks i will try that and get back with you
  3. suppose i have two dead psu.even the new one.connected to a drive only and neither one will do anything.
  4. Let me get this straight...
    Did you plug in the Main power connector 20/24 pin to the motherboard as well as the CPU 4/8 pin?
    Plug to power cord to the wall?
    Some power supplies have a light on the back.... if so did it turn on?
    Most motherboards have some light (in the form of a clock or a simple light bulb... did it turn on?

    Another reason for system to not turn on is loose RAM, make sure that they are firmly attached on their slots.

    Another reason would be the CPU's cooler/fan, make sure that is properly attached.
  5. Are you plugged into a sure protecter? If not, Does your power outlet (The wall socekt) have a reset switch?

    Two dead psu's, I don't think so. test the power outlets your pluging the computer into with something else like a lamp or something.
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