Need help disabling a SATA port.

Well here's my story. I own a Asus Zenbook UX32vd ultrabook. This laptop comes with a 32gb iSSD built into the motherboard on ATA channel 1, where as my Samsung 840 SSD is on ATA Channel 0. The problem is a few weeks ago the iSSD failed, and since it is built into the motherboard i cannot remove it. During boot, the BIOS tries to communicated with the said iSSD for about 40s before it boots windows. This is annoying because now my laptop takes a minute to boot up since the iSSD died where as it used to be 14s.

my bios does not include any options to disable any specific sata port.

How can this be done? surely there has to be a way?
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  1. Generally you can disable a controller, but not a port. The only place to disable this would be in the BIOS, so if it is not there you are SOL.
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