Want to upgrade my mobo, but using OEM version of Windows


I have an HP computer but I want to upgrade my mobo to a better one, so I can have a better CPU. But the problem is I am using an OEM version of Windows 7. I know I'll have to purchase a new version of Windows.

If I were to do this, how do I go about it? Would I have to format my entire hard drive? Or can I use my current version of Windows and just re-activate that with a new code, without having to do a clean install of Windows?

I know sometimes if you call Microsoft, they will allow you to use the OEM version of Windows on a new mobo. If they were to allow me to do that, how would that work? They'd just give me a new code? Would I still have to format?

Sorry, just a noob to this all and wondering how it would work.
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  1. you don't need a new copy of windows. you may need to reinstall windows. you may not need to reinstall windows. if windows gives u a hassle about needing activation, just ring up and follow the steps its very straight forward.

    also be careful when upgrading any premade computer, they are not always upgradable and sometimes physical size and dimensions are the real issue. e.g. buying an ATX motherboard for a computer made with a MicroATX motherboard
  2. Thanks. As for the mobo fitting, I'd also be getting a new case. My current one isn't very good for air flow.

    I'm sure there will be a problem, since my OEM version of Windows will only work with this motherboard. I just dunno how it will happen. I am likely to call Microsoft and see what they say if they will let me activate a new Windows on my new mobo.

    I can use others input though. I'd appreciate it.
  3. I've got afew legit copies of windows and when i swapped my motherboard and cpu, because the cpu karked it, it prompted me to activate once I booted back up. you just plug in a 48 character long set into the phone, tell it this is the same computer, which for you it is and that the software is not installed on another computer, you push 1 or whatever it is and it spits you out a long set of characters you then reenter into the activation module and you are free to go.
  4. Sounds simple enough. Hopefully I run into no problems. Should I do, I'll bump this thread (Or message you maybe, lol) for help.

    Appreciate all your help thus far. Thank you.
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