No connector for power/reset switch cables.

Hello, Forum.

I recently bought a motherboard.

Everything was goin' fine until I realized there's no slots on the motherboard for my case's power and reset button. The "pwr" and "reset" pins on the motherboard don't match the sockets meant for them. Any suggestions other than going out and buying a new case?

My case is as is on the HP Pavilion a6800

Specs below, however the only thing left of it's original content is RAM and case (which I may have to replace both, RAM for sure....):
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  1. Backwards. The proprietary sockets on the HP case don't match the pins on your new motherboard. You'll need to either buy a new case, or rewire your existing one.
  2. Alright, thank you. Would you mind leading me in the right direction on which case would be compatible with everything?
  3. You might need a PSU upgrade as well...your mobo also has USB 3 header, which requires a newer case.

    Do you have a budget - most cases/PSU combination will run at least $100 for a decent PSU/case.
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