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Windows 7 64 vs Windows xp 64

I have a new build, in which I installed Win 7 64. What a mistake. My plotter (HP 750C+), scanner (Canon LiDE 30), mouse (Microsoft Comfort Optical 3000) and AutoCAD 2004 and 2007 don't work properly. That leaves me with a major problem because all of the above worked when I was using Win xp 32 on the previous Dell computer.

Here are my questions:

1. If I uninstall Win 7 64, can I install Win xp 32 without having to reload all of the programs I have already loaded on the "C" drive?

2. Can I install a second drive and install Win xp 32 on that as a dual boot option, and load Autocad and the plotter on that drive? If so, will I lose some of the 8 gig of RAM that I have on the new build?

3. If I install Win xp 64 on the existing drive instead of Win 7 64, what are the odds that the equipment above will work properly? (i.e. is it the 64 bit system that is the problem, or is it the difference between Windows 7 & Windows XP)

Autocad doesn't support Autocad 2004 and 2007, both of which I use every day. HP doesn't support the plotter. Canon doesn't support the scanner, so the need to make a major change is apparent...and the clock is running.

Any recommendations regarding this dilema will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. What version of Win7 x64 is it ?? --- reason being there is a Download available for Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise Editions that allows you to run XP programs from a virtual machine within win7 so that you can run your programs that are not supported or do not have drivers for WIN7 that would work well for your needs -- See HERE for details
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    1) Complete reinstall of OS and software would be required
    2) Dual boot is an option. XP Mode as JDFan suggested would be a better one IMO. If you dual boot, the XP 32bit OS will only be able to access < 4gigs.
    3) Success is going to boil down to driver availability.

    That being said:
    Edit: Disregard on the plotter, their website tricked me. They gave me a link to the driver only to later mention that it is not supported.
    You may be SOL with your scanner, but you could buy one for the price that you are considering regarding hard drives and extra OS licenses. They cannot be very much money, I bought a scanner/printer combo for $60.
    I cannot imagine a world where that mouse wouldn't work under any OS.
    I just walked over to a coworkers computer who has AutoCAD 2005 running on W7 64bit. It was installed with XP compatibility mode and runs with the same selection.
  3. Came across this post on another forum that says :

    Re: DesignJet 750C driver for Windows 7 Pro 64bit
    12-11-2010 01:00 PM

    The XP 64 bit driver from here works well in Windows 7 x64. Unzip the file to a temporary directory, then go to the Devices and Printers folder, Add a Printer, select the appropriate port, then select Have a Disk and point to the folder where you unzipped the files.

    Bob Headrick, Microsoft MVP Printing/Imaging

    Link that was included under HERE was
  4. Time for more upgrades. Get out fo the stone age.
  5. U dont know xp compatible mode?
  6. To daship - I don't know what you mean stone age. Maybe because I have been in engineering for 45 years, and still going strong, I might be a little old....but not in the stone age.
    To Ariunbold - yes, I do know about compatible mode, which I had to use for AutoCAD, but it doesn't help with the mouse or plotter.
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  8. JDfan - I tried that download, but the plotter wouldn't print anything wider than 24". I use 36" wide rolls of paper for D size drawings. But even if I select landscape, it will only print +/-24" of the 36" dimension. If I try other combinations, such as printing portrait, it plots OK, but the 36" wide paper has to be cut down to 24", so I am wasting time and paper. The funny thing is that the plotter configuration is correctly set up, so I am assuming it has to do with the Win 7 64 OS.
    If I could overcome the limit on+/- 24" wide plotting, I would be very happy indeed...but so far, I have not been lucky. HP no longer supports that plotter.
    I havebeen able to use the drivers for HP Designjet 1050C which works as well as can be expected, but I have some issues with plotting OLE spread sheets, and plotting limits.
    BTW I am using Home Premium, not Pro. I might have to upgrade to Pro.
    Thanks for your feedback.
  9. Is there any settings hidden in the program perhaps for selecting the paper size ? Could be a matter of finding the correct settings some where to allow the larger paper or perhaps it is some sort of Margin setting or paper setting in the software program your using (or might be the software you are using only supports 24" pages. Not real familiar with Plotters so not sure.
  10. Unfortunately, no. I tried all sorts of sizes, including oversize "D". All had the same results. Now here is the funny thing. I can plot using the HP750C+ from the old computer, which is in another room. So the problem has to be the combined effect of Win 7 64 with the fact that the plotter, AutoCAD 2004 and 2007 aren't supported by Win 7.
    A friend let me borrow a version of AutoCAD 2012 which is supported by Win 7 64. I will load it as a trial and see if the mouse will work (programmable buttons) and the plotter will return to "normal".
    BTW the plotter configuration is set for the use of a 36" wide roll feed. I could also set it up for a 24" roll feed. I am only using the 36" wide roll set up, not only in the windows printer configuration, but in the Autocad configuration, too.
    Microsoft recommended that I do a clean boot, and try to see what is causing the problem with the mouse. I will post results.
    Thanks again.
  11. Have you tried launching AutoCAD using the various compatibility modes ? (ie. VISTA or server 2008)
  12. Yes. Some parts of Autocad work OK in XP compatability, but it doesn't plot OLE Excel spreadsheets, and the mouse programmable buttons don't work. I think both are due to the fact that Autocad supports the two versions of Autocad that I am using.
    I am going to try Autocad 2012 which is supported, and is a 64 bit program.
  13. We recently upgraded to 2010 (from 2005) because we are trying to standardize on W7 enterprise 64 bit. Have you used anything newer than 2005? It took some getting used to!

    I think the poster that said "stone age" was more referring to the age of the plotter/scanner/software rather than you!
    I know exactly how you feel regarding this stuff. I work with industrial controls and we support a lot of legacy equipment that is not supported by newer operating systems. We have thousands of dollars in hardware that lost support after XP. We keep an old machine around in case we have to work with the older stuff. Some day, that isn't going to work either...
  14. No, I haven't used the later versions of Autocad. I just downloaded Autocad 2012 for a look-see, and I didn't like what I saw. Just when I get comfortable with one version, I get hit with a whole new learning curve. At my age, I am lucky if I can remember my address (LOL).
    Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your time and comments.
    Happy New Year.
  15. PM me if you run into things with AutoCAD that you cannot find and I'll do my best to help. It definitely took some getting used to, but I like it now.

    I was wrong about our version, we are using 2011.
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