No connector for power/reset switch cables.

Hello, Forum.

I recently bought a motherboard.

Everything was goin' fine until I realized there's no slots on the motherboard for my case's power and reset button. The "pwr" and "reset" pins on the motherboard don't match the sockets meant for them. Any suggestions other than going out and buying a new case?

My case is as is on the HP Pavilion a6800

Specs below, however the only thing left of it's original content is RAM and case (which I may have to replace both, RAM for sure....):

The power connectors (not sure what is what):

One 5 slot, one tier white connector, with one slot being empty.
The other is a black ten (five per tier) slot with one slot being completely filled/blanked out.
If that makes sense.
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  1. The "ten slot, 2 tier connector with one pin filled up" is your front panel connector with probably 6 wires coming out of it? most of those cases don't come with a reset button so i'm assuming. The HP has a propritary front panel connector so it's not meant for a custom motherboard but I've taken out the wires of those propritary blocks multiple times to hook them up to a custom motherboard. If it is a 6 wire configuration, could you describe the colors of the wires and which ones are bundled in a block of 4 and the other 2 will be off to the side next to the 4. Also make note of how your looking at it from above the block or under it when describing it and I should be able to tell you what goes where and how to remove the pins.
  2. the pins in color are as follows. i'm looking down at it with the yellow and black facing up.

    |black |blue |red |black|
  3. Just follow them up to the from of the case, It should be just a matter of that. They are VERY easy to remove and reorder with just a small screw driver, pin or exacto knife.

    Just lift the little tab and slide the wire/connector out
  4. Okay. Pins are out. Now what order do I put them back in?
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    In the configurations I've had experience with, BLACK/BLUE = POWER LED, BLACK/YELLOW = HARD DRIVE LED, BLACK/RED = POWER SWITCH. You can use a very small flathead screwdriver to pry up the plastic tabs holding the pins in place. From that point you have the option to place them on the motherboard exposed since there is no plastic guard (just make sure they do not touch!) or you can find other plastic guards from another computer case possibly and put the pins in those, or you can use your own means to insulate the exposed part of the pins such as electrical tape but don't put to much on or the pins won't sit next to each other.

    ***Forgot to mention, Black is negative and colors are positive, the LED connectors will show a + on the motherboard where the positive wire goes.
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  7. Thanks everyone who helped out. All is working well after a quick check to the manual online. Quietly glowing with a blue haze from power supply, my build is finally done (with some upgraded RAM tomorrow..)! Thanks for saving me money guys! (:
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