Asus rampage 2 extreme Ram question

If I were upgrading my memory what would be best for gaming?

Was thinking of this: G Skill Ripjaws

thanks for you response advance.

Asus Rampage ii extreme
240GB Muskin Solid state Deluxe
(3) WD Black 640 GB
MSI N460GTX Hawk
I7-920 Bloomfield
Coolmaster Hyper 212 EVO
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  1. That memory is fine. 1600mhz is suitable for gaming. memory speeds aren't so weighty these days with DDR3 in regards to performance, unlike DDR where you could see serious gains from an overclock.
  2. Your default fsb speeds are 1066MHz so anything above will be useless. I've tried the same on 1600 and 1866MHz didn't notice any significant speed increase.
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