DDR2 RAM nightmare need help!

Specs :
Processor; AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core 5200+
So basically got my old computer up and running and it was a bit slow so i ordered some new ram i got 2 X Komputerbay 2GBPC2-6300/6400 DDR2 800Mhz Non Ecc. When i first try to install the ram the Screen wouldn't turn on. i then put my old RAM in everything worked fine. I then went to the BIOS and changed the maxmemory clock to DDR2 800 still nothing, i then tried with just one of the sticks in the Dimm1 slot voila it worked i then tried both sticks same no screen problem. I then tried both sticks in Dimm1 both working but would not work in Dimm2. I then tried the komputerbay RAM in Dimm1 and my old RAM in dimm2 it would then boot up but get stuck at the initial screen with all your comps details on. So am i missing some BIOS for dual channel DDR2 or is it something else? I think my current BIOS is Phoenix v6. Oh and im currently running windows xp 32 bit. (hoping to upgrade to windows 7 64 bit if can get working).

Any help would be greatly appreciated cheers :)

Cheers Oli
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  1. yeah sounds like a memory incompatibility. did you check the manual/manufacturer for a supported memory list. that list tells you what works and what doesn't. sometimes a particular type of memory will only work in 1 configuration.i.e.


    check that
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