32" HDTV worth using as a monitor?

Hey guys, i'm looking to do an upgrade shortly and the first thing i'm wanting to get, while waiting for funds to build up for computer parts, is a new monitor if justified.

I currently use a dell 24" Full HD non ultrasharp monitor. I was looking at using a 32" HDTV 1080p LCD for an upgrade, but is it worth it? I want a nice big display and i'm not paying a grand for a 30" monitor. I'm skeptical of a high rez monitor, because a graphics card will become obsolete faster.

Anybody use a 32" HDTV for their monitor and enjoy it as much as a smaller monitor(as far as clarity and all)? I was thinking a 27" is a lot cheaper but why spend 300+ on just 3 more inches? If i cant go 30-32 I just dont feel it will be worth it.

thanks for any suggestions
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  1. I use a 40" tv for a monitor about 1.5 ft away and in my opinion the picture clarity is great and i can easily read the fonts and stuff. Its fun working on a word document and being able to see the whole thing without squinting lol XD
  2. Am I wrong in concluding that most any mid range and up LED LCD 32" tv will make a for a great monitor? assuming its 1080p and a trusted brand? I am seeing a lot that you can get for under 400 dollars. anybody recently done this?
  3. I use a 32 full HD LCD (not led) samsung and works a treat. clear bright good definition.

    The only thing that i recommend with using an HD tv is to make sure its 100hz - which refers to how fast the tv/monitor can draw an image on the screen. The 50hz ones can look great but they dont handle fast motion quite as well. You can (just barely) see tiny black lines and jerking on objects in the foreground with the tv struggling to draw the images coming from the input cable. especially noticeable on sweeping camera shots. This would also put the price up considerably as the 100hz+ tvs are worth more because of this.

    If you play games or watch HD movies i recommend it but just a regular HDTV would be a good investment for any normal computer work.
  4. although a word of caution.... I did have major problems with my graphic driver switching on and off and doing weird things. I had a DVI to VGA converter and had the VGA plugged into the back of the tv. Since I started using an HDMI cable I've had zero problems with the driver but the image quality has dropped considerably.

    It might not be worth the effort of using a tv I use it myself cause I had the tv before I had my current computer.

    You could try plugging you comp into a tv yourself and see what you think of the image quality if you know someone that has one.
  5. I have an LG 32" TV as a monitor, its the lower ranged LG (Full HD thou) and works a treat! I would say, me old man has a Samsung 32" and the picture "Seems" slightly crisper and sharper (could be settings, but they are ruffly the same) but was £150 more expensive..

    But im very hapyp with mine.. :)
  6. I'm using a Vizio led 32". Works great.
  7. I have been using a Insignia 32" LED at 120 refresh rate on a old AMD x4 9550 and a Radeon 4870. I absolutely love it. The picture quality id great and like stated above, using it for word processing or photo editing is great with all the extra space. The only problem I have had it my graphics card defaulted to a lover size resulting in a black box around my screen, but was easily fixed by adjusting the over-scan settings on CCC (Radeon).
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