This is my very first build

I have never built a computer before. This will be my very first build. I tried my best to get parts compatible with each other with no bottlenecking. Please overlook my build and tell me if there are any errors. Thank you very much!

cpu: core i5 2500k

mobo: asrock z68 extreme3 gen3

gpu: evga gtx 560 ti

hdd: seagate barracuda 7200 500gb

ram: g.skill x series 1600 cas9 4x4gb

psu: corsair enthusiasts series 650w plus certified

drive: lite-on 18x dvd-rom

case: cooler master storm scout

os: windows 7 home premium 64bit

Since i5 2500k supports dual channel memory, would I be better off going with 2x4gb? Would that bring higher performance than the 4x4gb, which nullifies the dual channel support? Keep in mind that I do not need 16gbs of ram, I just bought them because they were on sale cheap. I will use 2x4gb or 4x4gb depending on which provides better performance.

Is this motherboard good enough for me? I read alot of reviews about it and people were really praising it for its abundance in features & specs and its bang for the buck. Is this a solid piece of mobo? Would it pair well with the i5 2500k even though its only half the price of the cpu?
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  1. Dual channel memory would be better (2x4GB)

    Besides that your motherboard and everything else is good, if possible I would return the PSU and up it to a 750W so you can have future SLI capabilities with the 560 Ti
  2. you are mostly looking good.
    I am sure people will disagree with me cause everyone has their faves but here goes.

    Asrock for your mobo may indeed do you a good job as they have come forward in quality as of late, I have heard alot about memory issues in some of them . However you will probably fare better with an Asus like one of these which offer the same features and known quality

    I have the first listed and love it. Check out the video on the link provided

    You may be going a little overboard on the ram but if your sure you want 16g consider only two sticks of 8g 1600 Filling all 4 slots isn't as efficient as one dimm in each channel.

    Unless multi tasking like watching hi def movies while downloading the same plus system usage etc. all at the same time you will not need more than 8g which same as 16g would be most efficient in 2 dimms of 4 If you do use all 4 sticks you will have more memory and it wont hurt anything but you prob wont see any diff.

    The only evga card I ever purchased was doa.doesnt mean they are bad as every brand has some lemons. I use asus as well for graphics and have a 560 ti that runs bf3,crysis2 and skyrim on near max settings. I don't use a giant monitor tho so if you want a big monitor you may want to sli or go with larger card

    You picked the same case that I picked and I couldn't be happier. It is a little tight on the cables if you put them behind the board mounting plate like you should but it was manageable.
    The lights aren't as bright as the pictures make them look but I added 2 12in. cold cathodes

    I added a coolermaster v8 cpu cooler about a week after the build and it was easy to install without removing the mobo. The case looks killer and I love the handles for lan parties.
    It has great airflow and I never reach high temps even when running benchmarks have never passed 50c.

    Your psu will be great for what you have planned and unless going to sli with BIGGER cards you shouldn't need bigger psu Two 560's would be the most I would sli without going bigger and that would be pushing it. You could however sli this with this psu

    These are just some ideas to think over but it is hard to know if you are giving the best advice when you don't know the posters budget or what he hopes to do with the computer. i.e. gaming,video editing, watching movies etc.
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