Best graphic card around $100?


I am interested in purchasing a graphic card for $110 or less. I have looked into the Powercolor 6770 1GB for $105 ($85 after rebate)

I was also looking at the XFX 4850 for $90, but with $8 shipping.
I was going to get the free shipping from NCIX using my points.

Which of these two cards or any other card around $100 or less is a better option? I am looking for less then $110 or so after shipping and taxes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. The HD6770 for about a 100 is a very good buy.
  2. Thanks for the reply. So for 100 the 6770 is the best card to get then? Also, I am going to be running this with a quad core at 3.2GHZ and 8GB of ram, would I be able to play most games on highest settings? Thanks.
  3. Sometimes for little more performance you can get a HD6790 similarly priced on deals. HD6770 handles most things well up to 1080P resolution.
  4. What about your PSU? brand? model?
    Monitor? Resolution?
  5. My power supply is a Ocz modXtream 500 watts. I would be running a 1920X1080 resolution.
  6. yeah, for around $100 then hd6770 is a good choice...
  7. ok sounds good, especially since its $85 after rebate, if theres a better card for the price, feel free to reply, i still have time to cancel my order. Also what about for my gaming mouse, any insights on that:

    PS: what does the 18 in everything that is posted here mean? Is it just a forum bug or something?

    PPS: this is also a different account since its akshouse brother :D
  8. Don't like Galaxy that much, but the 460 is faster and this one excactly 100 bucks.
    For 30 more ; or a 6850.
  9. 18 thing in every last post is a bug in the forums, don't worry about that' they will fix it soon...

    what is your current card?
    The next higher card should be HD6850, but it's over budget:

    But still , HD6770 is a decent card for your budget...
  10. Weeee, i've got number 14. It's a conspiracy ! Maybe a country code or something
  11. Damn, the link for the galaxy is out of stock, meh ! Still i would wait for a next good offer for the 460, there will be more. ( or pay 20 bucks more )
  12. OK thanks for the replies, like I mentioned i already bought the 6770, still havent shipped so i can cancel it if i find a better deal.

    Also I live in Canada, sorry should have mentioned that, doesnt ship here, but does. The 6770 seems pretty good for the price. My last card was the gtx 460, tried looking for a sale on that cheapest i found in canada was $150, but if you can find one for $110 in canada or the 6850 or 6790, please post it here.

    Thanks for all the help, this far.
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