Is a 280mm or 240mm radiator good enough for a GTX 590?

Hello, I was wondering if a 280mm or 240mm radiator dedicated (No CPU on loop) to a GTX 590 be enough for good temps? I am new to water cooling, so I am not sure but I would assume so.
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  1. Water Cooling!? Dear sir, do I have news for you! You can successfully cool the GTX 590 with mere stock air cooling of the card! Your temps will be 'good' in the means of being safely below the thermal limit!
  2. Hahaha. I'm not sure if that's how you intended it, but I read that in my head as a shocked British man.

    Now, at idle my temps are about 38-45C and on load it is from 78-82C. I know this is normal, but I've seen people getting load temps under my idle temps, which I would greatly love to have.
  3. The thing about the 590 is you can't really overclock it anyway, so there is no point going to the expense of watercooling for it anyway.

    Its VRMs are too weak to allow any decent overclocking so you may as well leave it at stock cooling.
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    Exactly what lozz08 said.

    Unless you plan on going 2xGTX590's, I wouldn't bother. Even then, if your case is spacey enough for a 240mm, it probably has good enough air circulation to accommodate the 2xGTX590's w/o water cooling.

    I water cooled a system out of necessity. It was a huge hassle. Today, you have the luxury of enjoying performance without excessive cooling needs. Enjoy it!

    Only exception: you are a hobbist and really want to make something special. Otherwise, don't bother and enjoy your AWESOME gpu :)
  5. Duly noted. I was thinking about seeing if I could get a second card come Mar/Apr, but that is still quite a ways off.
    I just want the low temps for longevity, while I know it's normal, I still feel 80c is too hot.

  6. I'm not sure about the 18.

    Also, the GTX 600 series will be coming out by Q2 2012. I'd recommend snagging up one of the remaining GTX 590's (if you're serious) before they're gone.
  7. While they will be coming early 2012, the higher end cards usually don't come out until a little later. I would rather have 2 extreme end cards than a mid end one.
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