Packet loss and windows 7

My net has been running super slow for about 3 days, and today stopped working altogether, either loading pages slow or not at all. Called my ISP who made me do a hard reset of modem with no imprpvement. I went to try another hard reset today and when i went to go to the modem homepage (default IP address) to enable4ppoe etc. not rven that would load. I tried my HTPC which is what im on now, and it works fine, and speeds are fine. It is connected to the same modem, but wirelessly from the other room.

My problem PC is running windows 7, the working pc is running vista.

My ISPtold me if my HTPC works fine then i need to play aro0und with my permissions and security settings like firewall etc. because it is the PC not the modem/internet.

I cant find any settings that do anything to improve the problem. Can anyone give me some advice to get it working? Im running with a dynalink rta1025w modem. Running ADSL1. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Here is a tracereport for the problem pc
There seems to be paclet loss.
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  1. Since the internet access is working via wireless and not via wired, I would try this link...
    and query the router people either by email or phone depending on where you live.
  2. Thanks for the reply Gandalf. I got it working. Turns out the ports in the back of the modem (is that the hub or the switch?) were failing. Tried all the ports and same result. Tried a mates spare modem and it's fine. Time to get a new modem.
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