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Hello. I'm facing some problems with my wireless router and 3desktop computers. The router is configured in my dad's computer. And I connected my computer with it using a cable in one of the router's lan ports. It works in my computer and I didn't use any IP address or DNS or anything in my computer. The internet works as soon as I connected it. But I did the same thing to my brother's computer connecting it with another cable but it doesn't work. It says that the connection is limited or something. I want to use the internet this way. So does my brother. I mean 2computers connected to another one. Could you please tell me what to do with it now? How can I make it work? Please tell me the step by step methods of doing it. It will be very much appreciated.

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  1. Check the properties of the network adapter and make sure they are set to Auto-config for IP and DNS.
  2. I checked it already. It is set to Obtain an IP address automatically. But it's not working yet. Please advise!
  3. have you tried another cable or different port?
  4. Yes. I tried that already. It doesn't work. Computer's ip address was 162.x.x.x but then I changed it manually but still doesn't work.
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