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I am currently looking to purchase a prebuilt system. I really don't have the time or patience to build one myself. For one, I don't want to have to hunt down individual parts and try to find out which ones are compatible with other parts. I'm also uncomfortable fiddling around with the CPU and heatsink; I just feel that if I were doing it I might apply to little or too much thermal grease.

I have scoured the web and the companies I have come across are: Ironside Computers, Ibuypower, Digital Storm, Maingear

I'm really leaning towards digital storm the more I think about it but I wanted to get the opinion of the community before I came to a final decision. The machine will be purely for gaming and all other tasks will be handled by my old gaming rig. While browsing their site I also noticed that they fancied Nvidia cards over ATI cards. I could not find any ATI cards on any of the configurations, nor do the configurations allow you to choose or select an ATI card. I used to use Nvidia and am now currently using ATI card and was leaning towards the ATI Radeon 6990 card. Is there an Nvidia card that is comparable to the 6990 card?

I also wanted to ask if there was a performance benefit regarding the Intel extreme edition processor, the 3960X versus the 3930X as I have read that some people consider it to be overkill or waste of money.

I like to thank everyone in advance who took the time to reply or who will reply. I'm usually very good with the technical stuff but lately I just have not wanted to get too involved.
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  1. If this is for gaming go for an i5 2500k yes the 3960 and 3930 are over kill but if you want one of them and are willing to spend the money go for it . I havent heard of digital storm before I would go with Ibuypower or Cyberpower
  2. If you search through the forums on here you can find several posts related to them. The only problem I have is on their website if you go to one of the higher-priced PCs and try to find out why the price is the way it is when you do the reconfiguration the price does not make sense. Normally on these sites when you customize the machine you can usually bring down the price and figure out the cost of everything but that is not the case on the site.

    Idea also look at Ibuypower and Cyber Power but decided to look at Digital Storm. But of course as I said before they only use Nvidia cards. I have used Nvidia cards before but I'm more fond of ATI cards but would gladly take Nvidia if there was a card comparable to the ATI Radeon 6990.
  3. the GTX 590 would be the one that can beat it but they are really expensive nad not worth it best bet is to go with a 580
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