Amd phenom II x6 1045t vs amd fx 4100 quad core

i recently purchased an amd phenom II x6 1045t 2.7(3.2 turbo) i was thinking of swapping it out for an amd fx 4100 quad core 3.6 (3.8 turbo) and multiplier unlocked or an amd phenom II x4 965 3.4 and what do you think of the amd a-8 series 3870k black edition and with these options i mentioned keep in mind I want more performance and stability for gaming
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  1. Stay with your 1045t and save up for Haswell in the future.

    Should've went the Intel way...
  2. For gaming, the A8 is not a good way to go. Its basically a Athlon II X4 with a GPU on die.

    The CPU you have now is fine. I would honestly suggest getting a after market cooler and overclocking it. The FX-4100 would not be better nor would the X4 965.
  3. The 4100 isn't a quad, its a dualcore,
    I would keep the 1045 for now and save your money, if you need performance overclock it, and whats your graphics card?
    Not read up on the 3870k yet sorry
  4. graphics card isn't great thats for sure its a radeon hd5450, and I thought for sure an amd black edition or an fx rated at 3.6 would perform better, obviously the graphics card could be swapped out for something better but good graphics cards can be very expensive but really i just want more performance for gaming i have 8 gigs of ddr3 so I am ok there thanx for any help
  5. Your graphics card is your problem, seriously,
    you have a great processor and plenty of ram,
    grab a 5770/6770 or nvid 460 at the minimum, better if you can afford ofc
  6. Your 5450 is a SEVERE bottleneck for gaming, it's absolutely terrible and below the performance of some new integrated graphics. You could buy the fastest processor made and it wouldn't effect anything until you get a much better video card.

    The Phenom II 965 would be a small bump in gaming if you had a MUCH better video card, due to few games even using 4 cores much less 6 and their clocked higher, but an FX 4100 wouldn't be faster as it's slower than Phenom II X4.
  7. Definitely graphics is ya bottle neck, but be careful you made need to upgrade your power supply too, to accommodate more powerful graphics, going by memory your card does not require additional power other than the slot its in. but bigger card probably need additional power via power supply connections.
  8. Keep the current proccy and buy a new gpu.
    Your current gpu is heavily bottlenecking.
  9. yes keep the current cpu and get a hd7750 or 7770 (or wait for price drop and gtx6).

    also you can also try cpu overclock by disabling 2 cores (as games uses 2 cores effectively and little of other cores), this way you can get around 3.4-3.8ghz by this Technic.
  10. Head on over to the AMD Overclocking Forum and post up your system specs, primarily ...

    Power Supply

    Your limiting factor is your CPU multiplier, but you should easily be capable of a 240- to 250MHz system clock with your RAMs at spec speed:

    With DDR3 1600MHz -- 13.5x240MHz, or 3.2GHz
    With DDR3 1333MHz -- 13.5x250MHz, or 3.38GHz

    Depending upon your motherboard, and your willingness to run something other than spec RAM speeds, 3.5GHz+ would not be out of the question with good air (and disabling the 2 weakest cores).

    Either way you go, you should have no problems running the fastest of today's video cards.
  11. iknowhowtofixit said:
    Why doesn't he try to OC before disabling the 2 cores... Typically, the FX series is very willing to OC.

    It's a Zosma hex core.

    And 4 cores (or even 2 cores) essentially perform a bit higher than 6 cores when sharing the L3 cache on the AMD arch.
  12. I would buy an a8 and a hd 6670 and run them in hybrid crossfire.
  13. Marshall63 said:
    I would buy an a8 and a hd 6670 and run them in hybrid crossfire.

    no, just no
  14. alright peeps my worst fears are confirmed, i need different graphics and then psu since they hog wattage i'll end up payin more for graphics than cpu and disabling a couple cores then OC THANX COMMUNITY
  15. gonna go for a good OC now
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