Any ideas on this build [gaming]

currently low res gaming, leaving room for upgradeablility though. looking to overclock cpu, unlock graphics card and use a ram cache to increase longevity of ssd's, will have external storage for movies and music etc.
what do you think any suggestions.

2x ocz agillity 3 60gb 239 dollars

asus p6z68 190 dollars

i5-2500k 268 dollars

haf-x nvidia [don't believe it's is different to standard just colour for like 20 dollars]

nh-d14 [love this cooler i believe it is similar quality to h100] 80.00

dvd writer/burner 18 dollars [don't really care about speed; probably won't use it much]

psu [most flexible with this] 150 dollars

ram 95 dollars

sapphire 6950 gfx 2gb [plan on unlocking]

considering replacing 120mm fans with scythe 3000rpm kaze [includes optional fans and 140mm if possible] also considering replacing some hdd bays with one
considering replacing 200mm fans with nzxt perfomance [includes 230mm if possible]

so what do you think and thanks in advance
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  1. By low res what do you mean? What games do you consider playing? I play skyrim at 1920x1080 maxed out (literaly every bar) on a 6850. 6950 would be amazin! :) And replacing fans is all you, if you want to, go for it. But only so if your budget allows. Do you have to use Tigerdirect? Or is Newegg an option?

    The MoBo is great. It's what i use for my 2500k build. And do you plan on crossfire/SLI? Or maybe even a triple SLI or Trifire? :D (three PCI 16 on there)
  2. I would go for the Solid3 or Vertex3 as the Agility line seems to have had the most complaints for OCZ. For $240 you could just get a 120GB drive, or perhaps larger. Raid is cool and all, but you will not see the performance difference for loading windows and games, or playing movies through the network. RAID 0 just means it is 2x as likely to fail because there is a possibility of 2 drives failing instead of 1.

    Decent mobo, actually has a sale on that 120GB vertex3 as a combo...

    check for a local microcenter for your processor as you can get it for $180 there

    make sure you aren't going to want to shoot yourself for buying a lime green case when you grow up... but you are right, it is the same as the standard HAF case... just ugly which I didn't think was possible.

    The cooler is very nice.

    Huge overkill on the power supply. At stock speed with 2GPUs your system is going to eat ~550W, OC you may get up to 800W... if you are very lucky. Go find a good sale on a quality PS for about $0.1/W.

    Decent ram, but confusing. Here you have purchased all of this overkill equipment, and then you cheap out on the memory? Dont get me wrong, this is exactly what I bought a month ago (though for $60 on Newegg), but if you are going to overclock (which I assume you will be with the rediculous CPU cooler and mobo) then I would suggest getting some 1600 ram. You should be able to find it for about what you would be paying for the 1333.
    Ram Drive: OK, so you dedicate 8GB of ram to the system, leaving you 8GB of ram drive space... That is super small. What software are you going to use to control the ram drive? I assume you think it is going to save you on read/writes on your SSD, but how will it accomplish this as the SSD is your system drive, and everything will have to be written to the SSD to be saved, so you may not save as much as you think. Again, dont get me wrong. Ram drives can be very helpful for loading constantly used chunks of data very quickly (like game level data, or a huge database, or to render projects to before saving them to a HDD/SSD), but do not expect it to save your SSD any. Also I would not suggest using a RAM drive unless you 1) have a UPS system in place to save you from power outages, and 2) are using buffered ECC ram to save you from file corruption (which your motherboard does not support by the way). And if not doing the Ram drive then just stick with 8GB of ram for gaming.
  3. yeah only tiger, live in au and they have the best shipping compared to price of parts. thanks for the info guys, yeah probably silly idea with ram cache could never really get good info on it do you think the 8gb ram disk would be worth it; mainly for caching and anything else i can fit. might go 8gb. 1666mhz. i'll upgrade to agillity 3 thought i had it but with multiple builds must have been confused. lime green wasn't definite. plan to xfire in future or go 7xxx series. currently using 720p tv will upgrade. may stick to 60gb and just use network storage for non essential things.
  4. looking like 2000 dollars for x79 and 32 gb do you think that's worth the outlay. would better future proof it; and make it more sellable to non it literate people
  5. i pln on playing skyrim, bf3 and other recent titles. will unclock the gpu to 6970 as well. asrock ext3 gen3 or current board as well/ adter that i thik everything is covered lol
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