INTEL Pentium D 840 3.20GHZ/2M/800​/05B LGA775 w/ Dell DELL – CJ774

Hey i have a quick question. I would just like to know is my processor that i purchased compatible with my motherboard.. My mother board is a Dell DCJ774, and my processor is a INTEL Pentium D 840 3.20GHZ/2M/800​/05B LGA775?? can anyone help me? thanks!
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  1. The short answer is yes. That board accepts that processor. But it will depend on how recent of a BIOS version your board has as whether or not it will recognize the CPU. If you currently have a processor in it, I would try to find the latest BIOS and download/install it. If you are unsure as to how to do that, I would contact Dell and ask them to verify your BIOS version for that CPU.
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