My Line-IN (SBlive) does not work. Why?

All of a sudden my Line-IN on my SB-Live value OEM is not working under Windows 98SE. IRQ-5 and the machine has 256 megs of ram. I tried removing the device and let Windows98se reinstall the software but that did not help. What can I do now short of deleting windows and trying a full reinstall??
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  1. It's probably muted in volume control. Double click on volume control and if you don't see it, go to the Options tab and click on Properties, then make sure there is a check mark next to it. Then once it's on your menu, unmute it.

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  2. I looked at all the basic settings in windows as well as
    the settings in SBLive software and the Line-IN is foobar.

    Right now I am using the mic connection... sigh...........
  3. That would be FUBAR, got to have the FU in there. If it's not a windows setting, maybe one of these Live guys will respond with the answer.

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  4. foobar, hehe :smile:

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