Biostar - good/bad brand?

Hello, im building a new system and now only need to buy the motherboard. I want to know if biostar is a good brand and if this motherboard (Biostar H61MGC Socket 1155) is good for a budget gaming system?

i3 2100
XFX 6770
gskill 8gb 1333mhz
OCZ 500w
160gb HDD
DVD optical drive
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  1. They aren't "bad" motherboards, but they are aimed at the more "budget-concious" market.
  2. Like AdrianPerry said... they are OK. There are better options like the Gigabyte below.
  3. I had a biostar as a replacement board on my first build, I cant complain too much, it got the job done. I just hated the splash screen when the pc booted.
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