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I have two 2gb ram cards and only one ram holder in my PC. How get 4gb

I have two 2gb ram cards and only one ram holder in my PC. Is there a way I can get 4gb of ram in my PC. So far I have 1 4gb ram card in one holder and I put the 2gb ram card in the second making it 6gb of ram in total. So is there some way I can get in the second 2gb ram card so I can get 8gb or ram in total.
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  1. sorry i got confused, so you have 4 slots total correct?
    or just 2?
  2. He has four slots and somehow wants to put three cards in there.

    No, it can't be done. Even if it could, it'd be more expensive than just buying more ram.

    By the way, ram doesn't add like that - by adding the 2GB stick, the 4GB stick has to act as though it's only 2GB, giving you a total of only 4GB anyways.

    The only way to increase what you have is to buy a second 4GB stick - try to get the exact same as what's in there already.
  3. I have two slots. I have 1 4gb ram card in one slot. I want to get 8gb of ram however all I have is two 2gb ram cards and only one slot to put it in. Now do you understand?
  4. Brandon,

    Can you please provide us with more information? System model? Motherboard model?

    It is very possible that your motherboard does indeed support 8GB of ram if you have 1 4GB module in one port. Generally speaking, if one port will support 4GB of RAM so will the other port. You will need to purchase another RAM chip to put into the second slot that is 4GB. This is actually perferred, not only will you get more RAM your system most likely supports Dual Channel Memory and this will increase your system performance as well.

    Please let me know you system information along with RAM information and we can get you taken care of.

    RAM EXAMPLES: PC3-12800 / 1600 MHZ

    Joel :lol:
  5. What you want is not possible. If you want 8GB of ram with 2 slots you need 2 4GB sticks.
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    Ah I think we get it now.

    To get a total of 8gb of Ram in two slots, you will need two 4gb ram sticks.

    You will not be able to to use 3 sticks of ram in only 2 slots.

    Also, make sure you buy a 4gb stick of ram that matches the one you currently have. Make sure it is the same speed (i.e. ddr3 1333, ddr3 1600, PC3 12800, etc.), the same voltage (1.5v), and same capacity (4gb).
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