>>> Asus GTX 580 DIRECTCU II or Asus GTX 580 Matrix <<<


I'll be upgrading my ring and I'm needing a little help here. Despite of the price difference isn't big, I don't wanna spend any extra money on something that doesn't worth it, that's why I decided to create this topic.

My actual ring:

CPU: I7 930

GPU: XFX 5870 2gb

Mobo: Asus Rampage III Extreme

RAM: 6Gb ddr3 1600 Corsair

Hd: 2xBlack Caviar

PSU: 850W Toughpower (ill be upgrading that too, so dont worry about it. (1200W Corsair is coming!) ) :D

Could you guys, please, help me out?
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  1. the 5970 is still a good card, i suggest you stick with the 5970 because its faster than the GTX 580 in most cases.

  2. If you don't have any problems with your 5970 then keep it,because in some games its faster than GTX 580(as Derbixrace mentioned)
    I had a 5970 but I experienced lots of problems with it so I changed it and got a Matrix 580
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