DSL modem and belkin wireless router on same network?

I have a DSL model from AT&T that gives me 4 ports and I have a Belkin Wireless router that gives me another 4 ports. BUT, the computers on the AT&T modem cannot see the computers on the Belkin router. Should I set the address in the Belkin router to the one the AT&T modem has?
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  1. Turn off dhcp on the belkin. Let the AT&T modem hand out IP addresses.
    Plug the cable from the modem into one of the normal switch ports on the belkin. This will help prevent two different networks which is probably why the comps can't see each other.
  2. If the Gateway IP is, set your Belkin's LAN IP to
  3. Alright, I am getting close. I turned DHCP off. The default gateway on the AT&T modem is So I changed the Belkin to and totally screwed it up. I now have it back to Where do I go from here?
  4. Check the AT&T modem and make sure the DHCP does not use the
    I would set the DHCP to only use a range of 50 IPs like Starting and Ending

    change the Belkin back to and turn off the DHCP. Setup you wireless security.

    Now connect one of the four LAN ports (NOT the WAN/Internet port) of the Belkin to the AT&T modem
  5. The AT&T modem is a 2wire. I do not know how to get into it and make changes.
  6. if does not work, try
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