Asus m4a77t freezes after windows 7 update - solved in unusal way


here are my PC specs:

- Asus M4A77T motherboard
- Amd Phenom II x4 955 BE (stock)
Kingston Hyperx Grey 1600CL9 1.65v 8 GB (2x4GB sticks @ 1333 1.5v)
- Palit Nvidia GeForce 9600GT 512Vram (stock)
- BeQuiet PurePower 350W PSU L6 (12v rail 300W, 3 years old)

I know a lot about PC's and hardware REALLY A LOT

Heres my story:
I have very strange problem, took me 2 months to "find and fix it". After updating windows 7 professional sp1 with windows auto update i started to have random bsods/freezes. After bsods started, even if i did a fresh installation of windows 7 without updating it the bsods would continue pointing to memory problems.

I tested literally everything and under many various settings - finding that if i put in 1 stick of ram or 2 sticks in same channel bsods/freezes would stop. Anyway OCCT PSU test would laugh at me with its 'error detected sound' after around 10 mins of running. If i would put ram sticks into channel A1&B1 or A2&B2 or even A1&B2 or A2&B1 - sytem would freeze during occt PSU test after few seconds to 5 mins.

Thought its my PSU dying even if it had solid rock perfect atx stable voltages (changed capacitors myself cause warranty went off) that i have tested with multimeter.
So i bought new one - an XFX Core 550W, and yeah the freezes/bsods would continue.

Bought another pair of Kingston Hyperx Grey 2x4GB 1600 cl9 and same result. Then i put in 4x4GB and i had problems even with bios freezing/not always booting.

Then i thought its motherboard or cpu memory controler fault. Asked friend for his motherboard (asus m4a-something, older but better than mine because of 8+2 cpu power section) reseated everything and bsods/freezes would stop with 1 memory stick or 2 or 4.

So looked like it was my motherboard fault, but then i wanted to simply check last thing possible - flash bios to older version (2401 to 2202) and guess what? it helped - no bsods/freezes or any errors (bye bye occt duck laugh) during system tasks, gaming or long 1h OCCT PSU test.
Thought it was faulty bios then, but no - i flashed again to 2401 under bios and no bsods/freezes. Looked like a bad bios flash since about year ago i flashed from some older bios to newest 2401 using asus update under windows.

Used my PC stable as hell for 1 month. Until yesterday when i decided to make another windows update (last one i did was right before xmas then i flashed bios and "fixed" my pc)

But now without fear after 1st BSOD i went again to OCCT PSU testing - 2 mins and freeze. Reflashed bios to same version under bios. And bsods/freezes stopped.

My question is - why does windows update force me to reflash bios to get rid of bsods/freezes? I guess it shouldnt touch bios, neither its settings or idk what. Anyway windows 7 is updated and running stable.

Writing this post because i seen ppl with similiar problems but without any stable fixes.

Before You answer me remember that i tested everything (memtest without windows for 24hrs or other tests from UBCD. Disk, GPU, i even changed sata cable..)
Anyway feel free to post your ideas.
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    I just had bad luck with windows update and freezes occuring.

    The 1 of the 2 new ram sticks went bad and i reverted to using only 2 older sticks and bsods appeared again.

    Anyway i fixed it, main reason of my bsods/freezes were ram sticks wrongly put in A1,B1 slots. When i did CMOS clear then put them in A2,B2 slots bsods/freezes stopped.

    Wondering why? one wise guy nicknamed Crashman posted this:

    "It's not just a performance issue, the chipset relies on the memory's built-in termination with the last slot of each bank filled first."

    it was about Intel based systems not AMD but hey chipset is chipset aint it?
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