ASUS P8H67-I New Build--Won't Start

OK, so the oldest problem in the book... I decided to build an Intel-based HTPC using the ASUS P8H67-I DELUXE mobo. I got the Antec ISK-300-65 case and the i3 2100T CPU along with a bunch of other gear, assembled most of it, and... no power on. Double-checked all the cabling, tried re-seating RAM, removing RAM, tried to start by shorting the power ON pins, took mobo from the case and breadboarded it--all the Usual Suspects, a la the article here on the forum. I did the whole project using a grounding strap with a vinyl sheet on a hard table--followed protocol. Pretty sure I did the CPU and HSF correctly as well. (Yes, plugged in the CPU and case fans.)

The LED on the board shows there IS power coming to the board. I used an ATX PS tester and the light indicates the power from the Antec is OK. I've started the RMA process on the mobo (God, I'm really beginning to hate mobos). But it's gonna be a real problem because this is one of the few ITX mobos that uses SO-DIMMs, so most of the other ITX's are N/A to me now, and I really like the extras on this ASUS. And the seller is out of stock to replace.

I'm really out of ideas other than a bad mobo, but I'm very gun-shy here. Is it possible that the Antec's 65W is not enough to POST this H67 board? (I've got no disks on it yet.) The user manual says use a 350W PS, but I'm dubious, since I've seen build specs for this case and an ASUS ITX+2100T CPU. Any suggestions would be appreciated, even if it's just your concurrence that the mobo is FUBAR.

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  1. Just to close the loop on this... Problem was that I had connected the case fan to a power cable coming from the PS and then connected the small connector on that same wire to the mobo. Didn't realize that case fan power source was supposed to be the mobo--at least this is what I think. The doc for the Antec case is rather sparse. The ASUS mobo is better, but has way more pages telling you how to run the BIOS than to actually install the beast. So now I cannot control the case fan speed with the BIOS monitoring, but that's OK for now. I cannot connect the fan to the mobo because the fan only has a big molex plug, not the small one that's needed for the mobo, and altho I thought I had an adapter, it did not seem to work. Good for now. :)
  2. No, I think I just need an adapter from 1" molex to about 1/2" whatever-that-other-connector is called. There are only two wires coming out of the fan, whilst there are four pins on the board. There is a small 3-way switch on the case to manually set the speed, so I'm fairly sure the fan speed can be controlled. If the thing is really quiet when I put it in the equipment rack, then the point will be moot. Thanks for your suggestion.
  3. Ah I see.

    If not, here's another suggestion then:

    That will let you control the fan speed from the board.
  4. Yes, that would probably fit the bill. Thx.
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