First PC build looking for some suggestions

so i am starting my first PC build and i have done a fair bit of research but im still not 100% the components i have selected so far are.

CPU-Intel Core i7 2600K Processor LGA1155 3.4GHz


MoBo- Asus MAXIMUS IV EXTREME-Z1155 Z68 4xDDR3 SLI CrossFireX Virtu SATA3 2xGLAN BT USB3.0 EATX Form Fact
GVA- Gainward GTX590 3G 3DVI-DL Mini DP HDMI PCIE $799

RAM- Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3

HDD- Samsung 2TB Spinpoint F3/4EG EcoGreen HDD 32M

SSD- Crucial RealSSD C400 128G SATA3 M4 Series

PSU- Corsair HX-750 ATX Power Supply, 140mm Fan

i know some are more high end than others but i plan on not spending a fortune straight away and slowly keep upgrading apart from the obvious so i was wondering all these parts are compatible and if there are any suggestions for change?

any help would be really appreciated thank you
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  1. Depending on what the builds for, and what your budget is, there's ALOT I would change.

    CPU: i5-2500k - unless you really need Hyper-threading for something?
    Mobo: ASUS P8 Z68-v PRO GEN3
    GPU: 7970
    RAM: Yeah id stick with Corsair Vengeance, however LowProfile might be an idea
    HDD: Do you really need 2TB storage? If not save yourself some money here, HDD prices are still highly inflated.
    PSU: 750w would be enough for x2(crossfire) 7970's and Corsair PSU's are pretty solid, so again, stick with it.
  2. Its going to be mainly for gaming but im not looking at a high spec machine its going to be used for uni work as well but i would like good balanced performance. and the 2 Tb is going to be required i have had my current notebook with 1.5 Tb for less than a year and i have half filled it i would rather go more now and get it over and done with, however i am willing to listen to suggestions about anything all the help i can get really
  3. Without your getting a SSD as the main drive don't use a green hdd for the OS and applications as they are really slow.
  4. Thanks for the tip i was told that be a friend i must not of changed. i was also told the ssd is not really necessary i know the upside to them and their stability but was wondering if i should even bother with one at all???
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    Yes, stick with an SSD. Tom's Hardware has had countless articles on their front page showing SSD's performance and how beneficial they can be to builds.

    Your certainly want your OS installed on the SSD, and then some of your regularly used applications and maybe a game or 2 as well :)

    An i5-2500k sounds like its going to be PLENTY for your uni work. Unless your doing some design engineering/CAD work or video and photo editing requiring huge processing power and extra threads for rendering, save yourself some money and stick with the i5 - In games and about 95% of applications your going to see exactly the same performance.

    ATI 7970 (~$550) - Cheaper than the GTX 590, much less power consumption, plenty powerful enough to play all current games maxed out at 1080p.
  6. Thanks guys all this has been great, yeah i started to read about the SSD and how good they are. all of this information has been spot on thank you so much :)
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