Don't know where to plug fans in

I am so close to finishing my first computer but this major roadblock has me stump. I can't find where to plug in the molax pins which is what I believe its called. The fan cable connector has two heads, one with 4 pins and one with 4 hole. Help would be appreciated. My psu doesn't seem to come with a molax cable only a peripheral which doesn't seem to fit.
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  2. AdrianPerry said:

    My PSU does have that but it's pretty hard to push in, is it suppose to be that way?
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  4. Yes Molex connector are usually pretty tight so they don't get disconnected by vibration or when moving the case

    As long as it's plugged in and making proper contact you should be fine.

    Just make sure the fan is not obstructed and that it's spinning properly before closing down the case for good and you'll be fine.
  5. Yeah as said above, Molex cables are a total pain in the arse, the pins are never quite straight and you usually have to push the connectors together pretty darn hard in order for them to connect properly.

    The connector can only plug in one way due to two corners being different on one side.
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