What would cause your computer to turn its self off while your using it

My computer started turning its self while I'm using it and olaying games, what can i do?
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  1. its either memory or psu maby check memtest click f8 during boot and select memtest.
  2. i think the main cause of this problem is overheating. check you temps with SpeedFan or some other free program. Get a can of air and clean out your pc. Make sure all you fans are working.
  3. I agree with amishrabbi. A computer will typically shut itself off if the CPU or motherboard temperature gets too high. Aside from SpeedFan, there is also CPU-Z and Everest. You should also clean the fans and heatsinks, ensuring that the dust build-up (if any) is removed.
  4. It really depends on what exactly is happening. Is it shutting down completely or is it re-starting?
  5. Sounds like heat problems to me. What are your system specs, including cpu cooler?
  6. try reseating your heatsink and get some good thermal paste.
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