New video card screen tearing. Help please.

I got a new video card yesterday a gigabyte hd6950 and I try playing WOW but I am getting this screen tearing thing allover the place, I tried portal 2 and the same thing and I even tried civilization and the same problem. Here are a couple cheap screenshots of what I am getting although its hard to tell but basically lines and elongated triangle keep flying allover my screen rapidly. I do not have any type of problems running windows, its only in games.

I am running windows 7 32bit.
Intel core 15 2500 cpu.
Gigabyte z68 chipset motherboard.
Gigabyte 6950 video card.
Corsair hx650watt psu.
23inch samsung monitor.

I have tried the latest drivers for the video card, I have also tried previous driver version up to 4 versions back.

I have the newest chipset drivers.

Tried running with side off the case incase it was heat on the off chance.

Ive reseated the video card.

Ive tried vsync and virtually everyother graphic option inside the games.

This is killing me because this pc upgrade has been nothing short of a nightmare and I finally get everything running right and now this *** in my games happens. Im about ready to shoot the pc.
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  1. Disregard.

    I found multiple other people having same problems and no matter what I did it wouldnt clear up so I took it back and got a gtx570 and it works like a charm.
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