4 PLEX <PX-45CH> SCSI CDrom not recognized by w2k

I have a 4PLEX (Plextor) CDrom drive which works realy well
under w98se but for some reason is never recognized by
w2000 professional. The SCSI interface is a 39160 adapter.
The 4PLEX Cdrom drive is seen during bootup by the 39160
adaptec card, but once w2000 is up and running I can not
see the drive under the CDrom hardware. I tried a Ricoh
MP7060SE CD-R/RW and it works great with w2000.
Any ideas why this is happening? I always thought that the
adaptec drivers take care of that... Unfortunately the
4PLEX is no longer made. I had never used any extra drivers
with that.
Can anyone help me?

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  1. So you did install the latest win2k drivers for the 39160? How are you terminating the Plextor? If it's term off the drive, check it to make sure it's set properlly, and you might try a separate active term to see what happens. I'm assuming this is the last or only drive on that channel. If it's not check similarly whatever you are terminating with and still try the above. You shouldn't need any extra drive specific drivers to run it in Win2k.

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  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your reply!

    Yes, I am using the latest 39160 drivers. I thought at first, that the new driver will solve the problem.
    I have tried the plextor in several ways: as the only device attached to the channel, and also together with
    some other CDR-W (Sony, Ricoh, tape drive and even an older disk).
    I haven't touched the termination yet, because I can see all the devices on boot up, and when using SCSI explorer
    coming from the 39160 setup screen.
    Also, to eliminate the terminator etc..I changed the physical boot disk from w2000 to w98SE and everything works

  3. This shouldn't happen, but it is an older drive, so who knows.

    If I remember right, Plextor used to frequently come out with firmware updates for their drives. Maybe try flashing the drive itself, and Windows2000 will be more familiar with the device.

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