Should i get a gigabit NIC?

Hello everybody, and I hope you're not contemplating a winter storm like I am. Anyway I just bought an E2000 and I'm wondering whether or not to buy a gigabit NIC for my PC. Currently I'm using the mobo's integrated 10/100 port and I'm wondering since I only have Comcast's lowest teir internet plan (1.5Mbs) if it's worth the upgrade. I don't play any multiplayer online games and mainly surf the web, I'm hoping that if I buy one I might be able to download a little faster and beat anybody in network speed if they want to play a LAN game with me. Would that assumption be correct?
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    A gig nic would only help you with computer to computer transfers on your own lan.
    Internet traffic will be limited to your internet speed. So unless you have more than 100 Mb internet connection a gig nic wouldn't help.
    As for lan gaming. No games I know of use more than 100 Mb, probably less than 10 Mb bandwidth. So a gig nic there wouldn't help.
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  3. Thanks, now I can save whatever I had for the NIC and put it into a new graphics card, that E2000 looking les and less of a deal at $47 since I bought it for three reasons: higher CPU speed (thought it might mean faster transfers), the extra antenna over the E1000, ans gigabit ethernet. Ah well at least I'm set for the future if Comcast provides a gigabit eMTA if I upgrade.
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