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Multiple BSODs, Several times per day.

Hello, I am an amateur computer builder who has had this homebuilt PC for about 2 years now. Recently, I got Skyrim and was having major problems with it. Those are not necessarily fixed but now I am having general problems.

My computer Bluescreens whenever I am watching online videos, listening to music via spotify, or sometimes just using the internet in general. It is a gaming system so sometimes they happen then. Every blue screen happens for a different reason. Here are a couple.

System Service Exception
Reference by Pointer
Page Fault in Nonpaged Area
Bad Pool Header/Caller
IRQL Not Less or Equal

In addition, certain files have been mentioned:

These stop codes appear:

I have heard of drivers being mentioned, or hardware. Not sure. Here are my system specs.

Windows 7 64 Bit
Radeon HD 4850 1Gb
4Gb OCZ Gold RAM
ASUS M4A75TD Motherboard
Seagate 750GB Hard Drive
Direct X 11
AMD Phenom II X3 2.8GHz

Can anyone help? I cant keep my computer on for an entire day before it bluescreens doing mundane tasks.
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  1. Are you running the most up to date video card drivers? That sounds to me like possibly memory issues in your video card. Did you perhaps try rolling back your video card drivers to an older version and see if the problem still occurs?

    Also make sure you have the latest windows updates, I've seen those solve peoples problems before.
  2. use something like nirsoft bluescreen veiwer, to look at your dump files. It might possibly help.
  3. All drivers are up to date. It bluescreened without my video card in, so I ruled it out. Would anyone like dump files as well?
  4. Well, it can be power supply failure. Check your voltage in BIOS and see if you can stabilize it by giving a bit more power to the memory.
  5. Done. Voltage upped, BIOS Flashed, pending stability results after Video Card driver reinstallation.
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    Look at your memory. Run memtest 86 . Down the page a bit is a download link for a burnable and bootable iso link. Get this one. It will keep windows from preventing memtest to test the memory it occupies. You will want to run memtest multiple times. Some say 2 or 3 others say up to 13. If you have multiple sticks of ram, test them one at a time on one or 2 passes each. Since none of the software based memory test is foolproof, even if all ram comes back as tested ok, I would run windows one stick at a time for a day, if you have 2 sticks. If you have 4 sticks, pull out one and run windows for a day. Next day, rotate the ram and pull out a different stick and reinsert the first one pulled out.

    Another thing that has helped others in the past is to simply rearrange the ram sticks into different slots.

    Check other cables within the computer. Sata cables etc.
  7. 99% chance this is a ram problem, are any of your components overclocked? Looks to me like either ram going bad or a bad overclock on the fsb/ram speed.
  8. OK I will try to test ram then. Btw Windows RAM tester turned out fine.
  9. Took on of my RAM sticks out, and it hasn't BSODed since. ANyone think I could have it in the wrong slot?
  10. Quote:

    Page Fault in Nonpaged Area
    Bad Pool Header/Caller
    IRQL Not Less or Equal

    All point to RAM. A bad driver *could* be at fault, but the fact you are getting both Page Faults and IRQL BSOD's points squarely at RAM.

    Test the RAM sticks individually with memtest86. Odds are one of them is bad.
  11. It's not really generally speaking to be able to install ram in the wrong slot. Different factors are built in to prevent this. Like Gamer said, test them individually. There is a bootable version of memtest86 available here burn a cd or usb flash drive. Boot to it and then test. Windows will try to protect areas of ram in which it resides. Memtest86 will not do this. I assume relocate itself to an area of ram that has already been tested and found ok.

    I built a computer last April. By August a 4 gig stick was buggy. Pulled that stick out and no problems since.
  12. nirsoft have a dump file reader, also look at whocrashed both will look at dump files and help you to help us.

    whocrashed did point the finger at a driver that was not even released at the time of the crash for me so its interpretations might be suspect, it could be using todays driver details to interpret past crashes however, which in normal usage of interpreting very recent crashes is not important.
  13. ^^ Whocrashed simply points to the driver that actually caused the problem. But if the memory is faulty, any other number of programs could have been the one that did the damage.

    I'll say again: IRQL BSOD's are almost always memory. Bad Pool and Page Fault BSODs are certainly memory realated. I'm pointing squarely at RAM. Test each stick one at a time with memtest.
  14. Problem is solver guys, my second stick or RAM bsods me every time, took it out an d it works fine. Thanks all!
  15. ^^ thought as much.
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