Custom wont start up.

Hey there everyone,

Just got done putting my new custom computer together and tried turning it on, lights turn on, fans turn on for about a second then the thing dies out.

Before installing in the case I did put the basics (motherboard, CPU, video card and PSU) together outside the case and tried turning it on, ran wonderfully, went to Motherboard start up screen and everything. However now that its in the case with all of the other things installed it falls flat on its face after a second.

I have well fallen flat on my face trying to figure this out, any idea's? :sweat:


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  1. Common issue on new builds is an unused mobo stanchion shorting out the mobo. THG Boot-no-video troubleshooting guide:
  2. could be screw standoffs maybe, sounds like somethings just shorting it
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