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Wanting to run 2 iceq 6850


A few months back i purchased an new desktop from cyberpower PC.

With battlefield 3 coming out I am wanting to run the game at full detail.

some of the pc specs are:

Phenom ll 1055T 6 core
4GB 1600 ddr3 Ram
HIS IceQ 6850 Graphics card
1TB of 7200 32mb hard drive
single dvd/cd Rewritable

Im running a 700W xtreme gear atx power supply. I am wanting to add another HIS iceQ 6850 in crossfire with the current one. I am wondering if the power supply is going to hold its own with ease or if i am risking it. If so what would be a safe bet to go with W whys? I have used a few online programs to see whats needed but i get anywhere from 650-850 so I am a bit confused as to what I should do. Any and all suggestions are appreciated and thanks for looking into my problem.


p.s. if there is other information you need let me know.
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  1. A 700W PSU is plenty for Crossfire 6850 so you have enough.
    What is the Brand of you PSU? I ask this so I can check if its 80+ efficient.
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    I did a quick look around and my guess is at max load your PC with CF 6850's would hit no higher than 500W, EVER. That is about 71.5% of 700W. And that is being REALLY conservative. I am not sure what amp rating a pair of 6850's recommends, but I can not imagine it needs anything over 30A total system. I would think any 700W PSU could deliver that. So I think you are pretty safe here. These numbers are by no means exact and I rounded up a lot, but could always look into it further.

    Now as for the brand power supply you are using, I have never heard of an Xtreme Gear, but seems unique to CyberPower PC. When I have not heard of a brand I questions it's reliability. Just thought I would throw it out there. But I think you are safe per the numbers.
  3. Its just an extreme gear 700w It does seem to be unique to cyberpower so hopefully its fine. I dont think it is 80+ efficient. Would I be risking the GPU if the power supply does go out? Dont know to much about power supplies and what can go wrong with them. This is my first more expensive build with higher end parts. If it does risk the GPU, motherboard etc, should I go with something like a Corsair etc?
  4. To be honest... I would get an efficient 80+ PSU. With out one it's like playing Russian Roulette with your PC and you know that in Soviet Russia...The Fool Pities Mr.T

    Also read this:,2916.html
  5. That article was a good read. thanks. So I am looking at

    seems to be a lot of good things said about corsairs line of power supplies.

    I also know that Antec is a pretty good company and found

    for about 30 dollars more.

    any suggestions?
  6. be prepared for extremely putrid microstuttering
  7. So far the computer is running fine but thats why I am here is to upgrade before I have problems.
  8. just looked up microstuttering. does not sound fun. Is this on rare occasions?
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  10. I think either of those Power Supplies would be fine, and actually pretty much overkill for what you actually need. My thought is to just run with your current power supply. The only reason you would probably be upgrading is to go to maybe a better built unit, but that is about it. I am not one to frivolously spend money. If I were to build a system from scratch, I would have selected a different brand, but you have what you have. It's not like you have a 400 or 500W junker or anything. The 4850 is also not going to suck a ton of juice.

    I'd be interested to see what the actual specs on your current power supply are? If you look on the sticker it should give you all sorts of info. We would be interested in the 12V rails and what the ampere rating is on each. Also the total 12V wattage rating.
  11. Ok here is the link

    From what I read on someones forum post on the cyberpower forum was that this is just matching the required amount for a power supply to be safe. Many users are saying there are ripple effects that can ruin other pieces in my build. Thats why I am so worried about not changing it.


    also here is the forum I was looking at. many people claim to have experience with it but IDK
  13. Yeah those specs are really not great for a 700w PSU. Per the numbers it would hold your system just fine though. As for quality of the unit, it probably is not the best. PSU's are a crap shoot sometimes. I've had really crappy PSU's last for AGES! I've also seen really good 800W old school PC Power and Cooling PSU's go out and take half a system with them. (albeit the company actually reimbursed my buddy the cost of every component that was fried and replaced the PSU to boot). That is another thing you get with good PSU's SUPPORT and WARRANTY.

    If you have the money to spend and it will let you sleep at night, it isn't a bad investment to have a good solid PSU. You will use it in future. I'd save the current PSU in case you want to sell your PC someday. My PSU's usually see their life through several builds. If you are in the US, Newegg always has some sort of deal. They currently have 10% off most of their Corsair PSU's with free shipping.
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