Disk Drives not reading CD/DVD's

Hello, I have a desktop computer running windows XP SP3, and both IDE disk drives (one is Creative and can only read, the other one is LG and is able to read and burn) won't read anything.

They both appear on Bios Boot device selection, they both appear in Windows Explorer, but when I insert some disk on any of them, just nothing happens, as if they were empty. The green light is active for five seconds and then goes off.

Since the same thing is happening with both drives, the LG one relatively recent, I am inclined to think that this is not an hardware issue, lasers malfunctioning or so, but perhaps software related.

On Device Manager, both drives appear and the system indicates they are functioning properly. The drivers are updated, I've already been in microsoft's website searching for a solution but nothing seems to apply.

I've already opened the computer and checked if the IDE cables are properly connected. I have searched registry for upper and lower filters, but there were no filters at all, I have checked all BIOS settings, I just can't remember of anything else that might be affecting the drives.

I've read about some programmes that may mess with this, I've installed Mp3Ripper to extract some songs from a music CD but the drive worked for some time after that and I only installed Daemon Tools after this happened. It's weird because everything looks fine on BIOS and windows explorer.

I can't even boot from my WinXP installation CD or UBCD4Win to restore my system backup using DriveImage XML, so if some severe failure ocurrs, I have no way to recover or reinstall it.

Any help on this issue would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Sounds like autorun got turned off. Put a disc in, go to Explorer and see if you can double click to open the contents of the drives.
  2. I've done it right now, and independently of having discs inside or not, when double clicking on the LG drive, it asks to put a disc inside, while the Creative one opens a new window, with nothing showing on it. I can't see the content of the discs and there is no logo showing on the drive letter.
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