Ram isnt on MB support list! Help

Im upgrading to Intel motherboard but ive come across a problem. My ram (corsair xms 16gb 4x4) is not on any motherboard makers support list! Will i be ok. I dont fancy buying new ram yet as i have to fork out money on a new processor(2500k). Im not happy keeping my phenom 975be anymore :pfff: . The kids can have it.

Also does anyone have any suggestions for a Z77 ATX motherboard which supports crossfire and is no more than £120.
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  1. Even the RAM is not in the support list, most of them will work fine, do you try install those RAMs yet?

    As long as the RAM is the 1600MHz, Cas Latency 9, Voltage 1.5V, then they are good fit the Z77 MB, by the way, good brand like Crucial, Kingston, and G.SKILL. http://www.behardware.com/articles/862-4/components-returns-rates-6.html
  2. RAM compatibility list is just a list of verified tested ram at specific voltages and timings on a particular motherboard, basically it's the manufacturers way of stating no problems with particular RAM. Any Z77 motherboard will 4 Dimm slots will support (4x4GB) of DDR3. Worst case scenario is that the RAM won't run at is specified timings or frequency but I've never come across RAM that just won't work because it wasn't on the compatibility list. Just make sure if that RAM requires more voltage, you POST the board with a stick of normal DDR3 to increase the voltage in the BIOS before inserting the Corsair RAM, If it doesn't require more voltage then it should just be plug and play.
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