Two modems on one incoming cable line

I have Comcast broadband with one modem connected to my PC. I just bought a Denon AVR-991 Receiver that has internet capability. I I plan to use it for internet radio, etc.

The problem is that each piece of equipment is in different areas of the house. I could connect the cable modem to the receiver and connect the PC to the internet via a wireless router, but I don't want to lose the speed of a direct connection on the PC.

So the question is . . . can I have two different modems connected to the same incoming cable line?

FYI, the existing modem is a Linksys BEFCMU10, and the second modem is one Comcast is in the process of sending to me as I just added Voip phone service to my account.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. No, only 1 cable modem will work.
  2. i have comcast business class, and have 2 modems online with one line coming into my place of bussniess my setup is simple gateway modem which comcast provides with a static ip and then my surfboard sb6120 with a dynamic ip no calling customer service did all my self very simple.
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