Motherboard Suggestion 150-200.00 Price Range

Well, i've purchased the ASRock Extreme6 twice now from Newegg, and both were DOA... so I have sent it back this time and asked for a refund... I had heard decent things about it, that is why I had purchased it... but not again.

I am looking for a good motherboard to go along with my 3570k Intel CPU in the 150-200.00 range.

Appreciate the suggestions.
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  1. If you can afford $250 get Z77X UP5
    Or Z77X ud5H $190
  2. So you would defiantely go with Gagabyte?
  3. creedy said:
    So you would defiantely go with Gagabyte?

    Gigabyte is good as I have gigabye for more than 4 years with no issues.
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