Optical drive causes HDD LED to blink every second

Hi everyone!

I've built countless computers and know my way extremely well around them - but ONE question I have never been able to answer is this:

When my DVD/CD Burner optical drive is enabled in Windows 7 Device Manager, it causes the HDD LED on my case to blink ever so slightly every 1 second. This has always driven me nuts and so as soon as I right click the drive and "Disable" it, the blinking stops. Thankfully I rarely use that media drive so I'm not doing it often, but is there any way to not make it poll for media every 1 second without disabling the drive altogether?

I'm sure this happens to quite a few people and not just me.

Thanks for any and all input!
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    I presume its a setting within windows that gets the system to check for a disk every 1 second so it knows when something is inserted. Unless there's somewhere to change this time period (which i doubt there is), the only way to stop the light blinking is, as you say, disable the device.

    You could alternatively just disconnect the front panel connector for the HDD light. This would prevent blinking, and would mean you are not required to disable the device. Although not the perfect solution, it does solve the problem.
  2. I do believe it has to do with Windows AutoRun or AutoCheck or something similar to that name. I'll do some searching.

    I don't want to disconnect the LED because I like to know when my HDD is being accessed.
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