1.6v RAM w/ 1.5V CPU

I'm putting in 1=2 8GB Sticks of Kingston HyperX Beast 2400 along with a 3570K. The i5 only reccomends memory that uses 1.5v but the beast uses 1.6. Is it really a problem? Or should I try to fix it by lowering the speed in the BIOS?
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  1. well with new cpus the memory controller is integrated so with higher voltage you risk of breaking something inside your cpu...buy ram that is rated at 1.5v for safety. you can try lowering the voltage on the ram you have but its not the recommended way to go
  2. Thanks, I think if I lower the speed to 2000-2133 and the voltage to 1.5 I should be okay.
  3. Other than wasting money on high speed RAM you will be fine. Technically 1.57v is still within warranty specs. 1.6v RAM is fine for the most part. I have had stability issues with 1.65v but not 1.6v. The memory controller on the CPU just does not need anything faster than about DDR3 1866 with an Ivy Bridge CPU. You don't get any more performance for your money. Kingston RAM would never be my first choice either. They are the only "name brand" company still selling low quality DDR3 1600 that need 1.65v.
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