Is there a case like this?

So I'm being very picky about my case choice. Thus far on the top of my list (I acutally have one) is the Cooler Master HAF-X, which would be a perfect case for me if:

A. The USB imputs are facing upwards or even diagonally

B. There is an intake fan on the the right side of the case blowing onto the back of the CPU

Are there any cases that are similar to the Haf-X but have these options?


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  1. USB 3.0? Why do you need a fan on the back-plate? Sounds like you could just cut a hole for a fan on the back if you want it. The reason most cases don't have that is because they don't need it, at all, no one does.
  2. Not sure if I could cut a hole in the HAF-X since it has that stamped pattern to give more room behind the mobo tray for cables. I have thought of it though, can't really make a decision without seeing the actual case first hand.

    I didn't mention anything about USB 3.0. I'm looking (for example) for the USBs to be vertical or diagonal when plugged in
  3. There are plenty of cases to fit anyone's needs/wants. But my question is do you know a side fan can have negative effects? I'm just trying to make sure you are getting the best possible solution. Just to name a couple I know of, cm 690 II, storm scout, storm sniper, rosewill thor, in win dragon rider, corsair 600t. I didn't mention any with a side window even though the haf x has a window but I'm just not a fan of a window. And then of course there are cases with upward facing usb without a side fan. A look at newegg gets a lot of cases with those 2 criteria. Almost forgot to mention a side fan over the cpu may also limit what hsf you can get.
  4. In win dragon rider,
    And @unclejehmimah, the cpu back fan actually does help the cooling on mine by a degree or two between low/full blast
  5. k1114 said:
    Almost forgot to mention a side fan over the cpu may also limit what hsf you can get.

    I don't see how since the fan is on the opposite side of the mobo tray to the heat sink & fan
  6. I think he means a sidepanel mounted fan opposite the cpu, it would limit the height of any H/s you were mounting,
    He wasn't referring to the one on the rear side of the Cpu
  7. Ahhhhhh but noooooo. My heat sink will fit
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    Hehe, I think K11114 misread or was unaware the cases have the fan at the back of the Cpu, it really isn't that common but as I said, mine does affect temps so I wouldn't not have one now :-)
  9. :sleep: Oh I did misread, you said back of the cpu.
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  11. Glad to help man, did you go for the rider?
    and thank you for B.a.
  12. Got the HAF-X, I decided the fan blowing on the back of the mobo wasn't needed. I got all the parts for my build during the week and I'm going to build it today!
  13. Cool, enjoy the build, check the troubleshooter up top of homebuild section if you get stuck or shout up in a thread if necessary
    sections three and four
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