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Hi all,

Just bought a new PC and made a terrible, terrible choice on the case.

Now I'm looking to upgrade to something that I wont grow out of for a long time, it will needs plenty of clearance around GPU(s), plenty of slots for fans/rads, USB 3.0 etc...

I will be holding
i5 2500K OC to 4.0Ghz + (hopefully 4.5Ghz)
GTX 460Ti (possibly 2 soon)

My current top two are:
Cooler Master HAF 932
Cooler Master HAF X

Other notable mentions are:
Thermaltake Armor+
NZXT Phantom Enthusiast
Fractal Design Define XL

Any one care to offer their opinion?
Any other cases I should consider?
Any cases in this list I should definitely avoid?
Which of these cases would be the best/worst for a water cooled solution? I definitely want this option open should I decide to do this at a later date?
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    Tom's just put out an article about some good cases for watercooling
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    NZXT Switch 810

    This case has a LOT of room, you can mount a 360 RAD in top including 6 fans (push/pull) and an XL ATX board while still having room for quad CrossFire. There's dustfilters at all intake slots and a side window. The case has USB 3.0, a SD card reader and a HotSwap drive bay built in. There's also plenty of airflow and you can choose which drive bays you want and which to remove. Comes in Black or White.

    Oh yeah and LEDs for your PCI slots and motherboard at the back .... ;)

    If you want a big case with a lot of modification options and features, this is it.
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