HD 7970 in the Asrock H77 Pro4

Lol i have no ******* experience with motherboards and i don't know anything about compatibility with videocards, so please someone (experienced or not) help me? :bounce:
Are these 2 parts compatible with this motherboard? : the Asrock H77 Pro4 mvp
- i5 3470
- Powercolor Radeon HD 7970

Does you need anything else to fit in the motherboard?
thanks everyone for replying! :D

(maybe teach me something)
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  1. There is a really cool video on the basics of computer building part selection done by Newegg, just (CLICK ME!) and watch the video on the page.

    But short answer to your question, Yes! everything works together.

    The board you selected is a Socket 1155 with H77 Chipset, Also with PCI-E 3.0, To support that IvyBridge i5 you need Socket 1155 with a Intel 7X series chipset (75, 77, etc.) and to top of your compatibility you picked a CPU/MOBO that both support PCI-E 3.0 which your video card nativly supports so congrats ;)

    Pick out some DDR3-1600 RAM @ 1.5V a Good 650W (80 PLUS Bronze at least) or higher power supply with a solid state drive and you 'll be golden!
  2. thank you!!
  3. This one?
    And does it all fit in the Cooler Master Storm Scout SGC-2000-KKN1-GP?
    Thanks anyway! :bounce:
  4. yeah it will all fit. It's able to handle a 5970 it can handle this (the 5970 was almost 13 inches)
  5. Its funny how you managed to pick the same case and power supply I was using last year :p but yes all should fit nicely, Though! I really cannot say for sure on the video card, the Storm Scout 2 has a removable hard drive cage so you can use longer video cards along with a few newer updated features such as a stronger handle! (same case I'm using now :D ) (CLICK ME!) other then that the Storm Scout 1 was a great case and treated me very well.
  6. haha it looks badass to :)
    but don't forget to wear pants
  7. ahahaha always do ;)

    Good luck with the project!
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