Best bios for extreme6?

so i just installed the 2.4 bios for my z77-extreme6 motherboard, i was getting problems opening bf3 and starting heaven so i put it back to 1.7(stock bios) i then uninstalled virtu MVP and the problems stopped so I have concluded that Virtu MVP was the problem... so now i want to upgrade my bios again and I was wondering if someone could look at these and recommend me one that would help me(I overclock everything but RAM to the farthest it will go)

here is the bios
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  1. Right from Asus: "We don't recommend users to update BIOS while the system is running well"

    Basically if you are not having issues, then you already have the best bios.
  2. ok, do new bios increase my overclocking potential?
  3. Look at this:
    It tells you what features they added for the bios updates. Most are to add CPU compatibility. I don't see anything that would change the ability to overclock ram.
  4. well i want to overclock my cpu farther and i was wondering if updating my bios could do that... also will 2.3 actually help speed up my USB's?
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