PCI-E... x4 x8 comaptibility

Can you replace a PCIe8x card with a PCI-X card or is it better to use a PCIe 4x card. kdipalma49@comcast.net
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  1. First, I would remove your email address to prevent spam. Second, pcie and pcix are not compatible. What card is it that you are looking at replacing and what are the specs of your PC?
  2. If you have the option to stick with PCI-E based cards do it, even if its running on the slowest revision 1.0, a 8x card can transfer 2GB/s data and a 4x card can transfer 1GB/s data which 1GB/s data is the max bandwidth of a PCI-X card and that's comparing with the slowest version of PCI-E, if your running PCI-E 2.0 cards and slots then you can double all the PCI-E numbers.

    As maestro0428 states, the PCI-X and PCI-E are completely different slot configurations and are not compatible with one or another.
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