Dose Not Post With Hard drive

Ok so the problem i am having is when i go to boot my computer up with my hard drive plugged in, it dose not post at all, all the fans, kick in, the lights come on, no picture, nothing. When i unplug the hard drive, it posts, and they to go though the boot possess.

Idk if they will help but this is what i was doing up to when it started messing up, I was working on setting up a server box, for a friend, The main hard drive for the unit he give me was not working right in the unit so i unplugged my hard drive (Leaving it in side my case) and plugged the hard drive in to see if it would boot. When it though blue screen because it (as i know now had a older partition of a windows system on it. when i took it out to plug my hard drive back in, and put my friends in as a slave to format it, stop posting.

I can plug in my friends hard drive in and it will post and try and boot. but mine dose not. It is like the computer dose not even see the hard drive. O another note, the hard drive dose spin up when power and plugged in to the computer.

Any Ideas or help would be amazing. Thanks for reading and thanks for any help u can give.
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  1. it sounds like a dead HDD

    try your suspect HDD in your friends PC. if it stops it from posting then you have a Dead HDD.

    if it boots while in ur friends PC (as a secondary drive) then try updating the bios on your computer.
  2. when i put it in to the other computer it dose not post. I dont really have a working HDD now at the moment to test if i can bring it up as a slave :(
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