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Adaptor 3 pins female

hi there,

I am modding my computer and I remaqued a problem, what ''comes out'' of all my computer fans are 3 pins male and what ''comes out'' of my fan controler is also a 3pins male but I don't find any adaptors wich are two way female, can yoou please help me?
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  1. give name and model of both fan controller and fans
  2. The fan controller is a sentry mesh from nxzt and the fans are cheap one from ebay I don't know the brand...
  3. you should have cables that comes with the controller and fans plug directly to them
  4. Yes i have those cables but my fans are coming out the same as the sentry mesh..
  5. post a picture of the fan connector
  6. Google " 3 pin female to female fan adapter "
  7. you could replace this male connector with a female one did not find any female to female cable
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  9. ^+1 for you delluser1
  10. that's exactly what I wanted thank you very much :)
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