Nothing showing up on monitor after installing mobo..

I just got some new computer components today and just finished installing them. I got new memory, computer case, graphics card, and a motherboard. Everything seems to be plugged in but maybe I'm missing or overlooking something, the graphics card and everything turns on normal, but my monitor says "no signal detected."

My computer specs are as follows:

Asus sabertooth z77 mobo
intel i-5 2400 cpu
2x 4gb gskill ram
Cooler Master Trooper Case
Radeon XFX 7850 GPU.
750 Watt PSU

Any ideas on why everything turns on, yet nothing appears on my monitor?

The monitor I'm using is a BenQ XL2420T.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I've also tried plugging in different gpus and monitors, same results.
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  1. Try a different cable.
    Make sure you have the internal flu turned off though it shouldn't matter.
  2. Hi, Try removing the graphics card (make sure the power supply is off when uninstalling it) connect the monitor to the onboard and see if it does POST.
  3. I don't think there are onboard graphics. I don't see an input for my monitor cable, only a hdmi input.
  4. What cable are you using? HDMI? DVI? VGA?

    Make sure the GPU is plugged into the right PCIE x16 Slot.

    Make sure you have all the power connectors connected to your graphics card.

    Check which input your monitor is reading, make sure it's on the one that you're using.
  5. Your system does have integrated graphics (HD2000), you should try disabling the internal graphics within BIOS (select PCIe).
  6. I plugged in all my new components into my old motherboard and everything worked just fine, I got a picture on my monitor and all. So the variable here is my new motherboard, do you think there's a short in the board? Or since it's fairly new is there maybe a newer cable thats not plugged in, or it's just not configured or something?
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