Need help fixing broken system setup

I was attempting to install Intel Smart Response Technology on my new computer. I have a 64gig SSD and a 750 sata HD.

I realize I didn't do this right from the start. But, now I am to the point where I cannot even fix my problems. Basically, I used the rapid storage app to create a raid device once I installed the operating system.

Here are my current problems.

I cannot boot from a windows disk no matter how hard I try on either of the hard drives. Therefore, I cannot reformat either one. I have tried disconnecting one or the other to no avail. I got the SATA hd to boot finally, but it just showed me a 119gig raid 0 partition that I had created on accident and it wouldn't let me do anything to it. I couldn't install and I couldn't format.

All I want to do is format both my hard drives and start over. Any time I try to do this, I just get the cannot boot from disk error. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Update. I managed to get the SATA hd to boot up in IDE mode and formated it that way. Still working on the SSD.

    Update 2. Managed to get the computer to boot to the windows cd with the SSD installed. But, it goes unrecognized and therefore cannot be formatted still.

    Update 3. Computer will boot windows disk in IDE mode, but it will not detect the SSD or let me format it. in AHCI or Raid mode, windows boot disk doesn't work at all. On another note, I had windows installed to the SSD earlier today and had similar problems. But remarkably, it randomly started working and that's how I got the operating system installed.

    I could really use some help here.

    Update 4: On another note, I managed to get the operating system to boot up while in AHCI mode by spamming f12, hitting boot to CD then spamming CTRL + I immediately as I left that menu. Let's see where it goes from here.

    NVM. Still doesn't see the drive even though BIOS does.
  2. Bumping as I haven't received a response yet :(
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